The tourist ツーリスト(2010)

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Although this movie got a low rating, I enjoyed it very much.
I like the movies which don't use the latest computer graphic techniques and digital gadgets in the story.
You can enjoy a wonderful journey in Venice as you're traveling with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.
Elise(Angelina Jolie)はFrank(Johnny Depp)に列車内で声をかける 

It begins with Elise(Angelina Jolie).  She is the girlfriend of Alexander Pearce (a mysterious, unseen) who is an international thief that seals from incredibly rich gangsters.  Everyone is looking for him, including the British  Secret Service as well as some gangsters who want revenge on him for taking their money.  Elise is instructed by Pearce to go Venice by letter.  What an old fashioned style!  He never sent a text message from his mobile phone.  In his letter, he writes "Get on a train to Venice, choose a stranger that looks like me and make the gangsters and the secret service believe it is me".  So she picks Frank Tupelo(Johnny Depp) on the train.  Frank is an American tourist.  He is a math teacher from Wisconsin.  He looks a little unsophisticated and boring.  After that , Frank and Elise spend the night at a hotel in Venice.

The movie was directed by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, who made the Academy Award winning: "The lives of Others".
It's my favorite.  It was a heavy human drama.
It's strange for him to move from that dramatic weighty film to something to light and frothy.
The whole story a suspense.  However, I didn't need to keep on my toes until the surprise ending. There are boat chases and gun fights, but they were underwhelming.
There are quite a few funny moments (Johnny speaks Spanish in Italy) There was some clever wit in the movie.  I saw Frank like Jack Sparrow.  The story line of the movie is predictable but it does manage to surprise it's final moment.
I recommend this movie to movie fans who get terribly frustrated by the current noisy fast paced movies.  It was more interesting than I thought.
ビッグスター2人(Johnny DeppとAngelina Jolie)で周るベニスの景色は最高

Johnny Deppは野暮ったい冴えないアメリカ観光客。でもさすがJohnnyのウイットの効いたジョークは健在

Elise(Angelina Jolie)はAlexander Pearce(恋人)からの手紙の指示に従いVeniceへ向かう



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  1. 失礼致します。コメントを読ませていただいて、鑑賞したくなりました。ベニスの景色が見れる映画って魅了されます。dramatic weighty film to something to light and frothy といった表現も学ばせていただきました。ありがとうございます!


  2. Kpb81さん、コメント有難うございました。評判はイマイチだったこの映画ですが、思ったより面白かったです。ぜひご覧になってみてください。