MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING マイ・ビッグ・ファット・ウェディング

<Review in English>
This movie is a very simple, funny romantic comedy. Toula is 30 and Greek. She works in her family's restaurant in Chicago. Her father wants her to get married to a nice Greek boy and have a lot of babies.
However, Toula is looking for more in her life. She wants to study computer science at college. Her father says Toula is already smart and doesn't need to study more. Her mother convinces him to let her take some computer classes at college. She takes over her aunt's travel agency with those classes under her belt.
She meets Ian Miller, high school English teacher , a typical WASP, in the travel agency. They had met in her restaurant before. She didn't have any sexual appeal and wore no makeup at all. She also had made a fool of herself then. She gains the courage to break out of her introverted shell and gradually changes herself into a lovely woman. That is when her story begins. If she hadn't gone to college, she wouldn't have seen Ian.
They date secretly for a while before her parents find out about their relationship. At first, her father is opposed to her dating Ian because Ian is not Greek. Finally he accepts him. Meanwhile Ian has to accept Toula's huge family.
This movie indicates the difficulty of international marriage. One has to follow another's culture and customs.
In this film Ian got baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. It's difficult for me to find such a nice broad-minded man.


<レビュー 日本語>
この映画はとってもシンプルで面白いロマンティックコメディーというところ。ツゥーラは30歳のアメリカのシカゴに住むギリシャ系アメリカ人。シカゴで家族が経営するレストランを手伝うツゥーラ。彼女の父はギリシャ人の男性と結婚し子供をたくさん産んでほしいと願っていたが、彼女には自分の人生に何か別のモノを求めていた。大学でコンピュータを学びたいと思っていたが父はトゥーラはすでに賢いのだからもう大学など行く必要がない」と反対。母がなんとか父を説得して大学に行かせてくれた。彼女はコンピュータのスキルを生かし叔母の経営する旅行代理店で働くようになる。そんな時、店の前でイアン・ミラーに出会う。イアンは高校の英語の教師で典型的なWASP(ホワイト(白人)・アングロサクソン・プロテスタント(White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)実は以前に彼らは彼女の家族が経営するレストランで会っているのだが、その頃のツゥーラは色気も化粧っ気もなく、彼の前で馬鹿をやってしまうという失態を演じていた。その後、彼女は勇気を持って閉じこもりがちな自分の殻を打ち破り、少しずつ素敵な女性に変わっていく。この時こそが彼女の変革の物語の始まりでもある。もし大学に行っていなかったら彼女はイアンとの仲もなかったと思う。(何事もまずは行動すべし。)

イアンを演じるのはSATCでおなじみのエイダン(John Corbett)。エイダンの大ファンの私としては非常に楽しめた。

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